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Delivery Information

Delivery and delivery conditions

You can use our mail order service. Our company is dealing with Trans-o-flex and GLS courier services. Your order will be processed the same day, if it arrives in our system until 12.00.

In Hungary: Orders ordered can be received within 2-3 business days, depending on the stock. Payment options: pre-transfer, cash on delivery (in HUF).

Romania, Slovakia: within 3-4 business days from the date of order. Payment options: pre-transfer, cash on delivery (RON in Romania, Slovakia in Euro). Our stock is constantly changing, so the products that is still on the website may not be available and can not be or can only be partially completed. Of course, we will notify you by e-mail or telephone, and we will reconcile your modified order. For courier service, please always enter your (mobile) phone number so that the courier can negotiate with you on receipt for a possible unsuccessful delivery. In the case of a failed delivery, you may receive your order at a pre-agreed date on the next working day but at the courier. When ordering, the billing and shipping address may differ from one another, and this will be taken into account when packing.

Attention! Please check the status of the product upon receipt if the product is damaged by courier being documented on this record. In the absence of a protocol, we can not replace the damaged goods.

Unsuccessful delivery

In the case of non-delivery, the courier service attempts a second free delivery. In all cases, however, you will be responsible for the costs of redeployment due to your failure for delivery.

Damaged package

Please check the box before the courier. If you experience any damage to the box that indicates damage to the goods in it, you can report it out and do not take over the package. In the event that after the release of the product, in the presence of a courier, it is proven that the product was damaged and the damage occurred prior to the receipt of the goods, we will provide 8 day replacement service for the product. In such a case, the damage can be verified by the courier's report. In the absence of a protocol, we can not exchange the shipment free of charge. If you are experiencing injury, please contact our customer service immediately by contacting the e-mail address listed on the website or on 30/958 68 25.

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