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Oil heaters (with chimney)

Heating capacity:  20 - 220 kW

Advantages of MASTER gas oil chimney heaters:

  •   Pure warm air
  •   High air capacity:
    • BV: 1550-3300 m3 / h
    • BV-FS (AirBus): 4400-12500 m3 / h
  •   Stainless steel firebox
  •   Large fuel tank (BV77E, BV110E, BV170E, BV290E)
  •   Easy to move, wheeled
  •   Electronic photocell flame retardant
  •   Strong, robust design, aesthetic, painted design
  •   Engine with thermal protection
  •   Overheating thermostat
  •   Thermostat for re-cooling
  •   The outer casing remains touched
  •   Controlled by room thermostat (TH5 or THD but this is for hot air blowers only from 2015.07)
  •   Available accessories: room thermostat, air duct, smoke pipe etc.
  •   Three fuel filters: tank inlet, suction,
  • in a fuel pump (BV77 / 110/170/290)
  •   Two fuel filters: one at the tank opening,
  • one in the suction nozzle (BV310 / 470/690)

MASTER gas oil, chimney heaters are produced in large quantities, quickly, completely clean, dry, smoke-free, warm air.

They are ideally suited for shops, event tents, industrial facilities, rooms, and rooms with difficult ventilation.

An air duct for hot air can be connected to the units.

Only some limited warranty on certain elements of the heater ignition system!

Brand: Master Model: BV170
DescriptionThermostat control: optional Power: 47 kW Flue tube Ø: 150 mm Air displacement: 1.800 m³/h Blast opening Ø: 340 mm Tank capacity: 65 l Protection: IP41 Fuel consumption: 3,9 kg/h Product size (l x w x h): 1330 x 650 x 1000 mm Fuel autonomy: 14 h Net / gross weight: 65 / 84 kg Power supp..
Ex Tax:543,228Ft
Brand: Master Model: BV290
DescriptionPower: 81 kW Air displacement: 3.300 m³/h Fuel consumption: 6,8 kg/h Tank capacity: 105 l Product size (l x w x h): 1600 x 700 x 1150 mm Power supply: 220-240/50-60 * V/Hz Rated current: 4,6 A Thermostat control: optional Packaging dimension (l x w x h): 1600 x 750 x 1180 mm ..
Ex Tax:629,843Ft
Brand: Master Model: BV77
DescriptionPower: 20 kW Air displacement: 1.550 m³/h Fuel autonomy: 19 h Thermostat control: optional Fuel consumption: 1,67 kg/h Power supply: 220-240/50 * V/Hz Electric power: 0,3 kW Rated current: 1,5 A Tank capacity: 36 l Flue tube Ø: 120 mm Packaging dimension (l x w x h): 1200 x 400 x 530 mm..
Ex Tax:307,008Ft
Brand: Eurokomax Model: BV471S
MASTER BV471S - AIRBUS gázolaj üzemű (kéményes) hőlégfúvó, (mobil fűtőberendezés)Erős, magas nyomású centrifugális ventilátor Azonnali, intenzív meleg Digitális égésvezérlés Egyedi "hidegindítás-gomb", nagyon hideg környezetben Füstgáz elvezetési lehetőség Különálló Riello olajégőfej Magas..
Ex Tax:1,599,921Ft
Brand: Master Model: BV110
Description MASTER BV110E - Oil heater HIGH PRESSURE (Danfoss Fuel Pump - 12bar)Power (kW): 33 Air displacement (m3/h): 1800 Fuel autonomy (h): 21 Thermostat control: optional Fuel consumption (kg/h): 2,71 Power supply (V/Hz): 220-240/50 Electric power (kW): 0,8 Rated current (A): 3,5 Tank capacit..
Ex Tax:476,299Ft
Brand: Master Model: BV500-13C
DescriptionAir displacement: 15.000 m3/h Cooling pad: 180 dm3 Maximum area: 330 m² Power supply: 220-240/50 V/Hz Power consumption: 750 W Product size (l x w x h): 1130 x 690 x 1640 mm Rated current: 4,5 A Direct water connection: 1/2'' inches Water consumption: 12-18 l/h Packaging dimension (l x ..
Ex Tax:1,689,685Ft
Brand: Master Model: BV500-13CR
DescriptionAir displacement: 20.000 m3/h Cooling pad: 340 dm3 Maximum area: 400 m² Power supply: 220-240/50 V/Hz Power consumption: 750 W Product size (l x w x h): 1580 x 750 x 1820 mm Rated current: 4,5 A Direct water connection: 1/2'' inches Water consumption: 15-20 l/h Packaging dimension (l x ..
Ex Tax:2,046,457Ft
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